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About me.

I saw other people make similar posts like this and pin them so I thought, why not?

I am Ian. I am 34 years of age, I live in Michigan, USA. I work in IT and have a general passion for computers, technology, philosophy and the pursuit of creative endeavors.

I am one part of a two person marriage. My wife, Kim, is my better half and is carrying our future child as I type this which makes her even more amazing.

Anyone want to know anything else?

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I like the idea of private social networks for family and friends especially with the idea that you can still follow and communicate with those on other nodes. But how do you get your family and friends on board when so many people love the corporate networks?

Is taking a shower for 30 minutes and not realizing until after you got out and dried yourself that you never actually applied soap to anything but your hair a sign of grief?

Asking for a friend.

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SiFive RISC-V Processors to Support Imagination PowerVR GPU and NNA IP Cores

RISC-V is getting more popular and mature as development progress, but if you want a system with RISC-V and a GPU so far you had to use a PCIe graphics
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That score is not lying this was one of the most fun sessions of Conquest I have had in BFV so far. :weed: :ggpHead:

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I feel like my entire life I have been turtling under a mountain of stress just hoping that it does not crack my shell. Always hoping for relief but only ever getting put under more pressure.

The whole reason I motivate myself to work and try to improve things is so that someday I can take a break and not feel this anymore but the longer I live the deeper the hole gets and I don't know if I will ever get out of it.

I can't wait to get to a place in my life where I have even just a little bit extra from week to week so I am not always scrambling to figure out how to pay a bill I forgot about because I have no money left until my next payday.

Not sure how long it will take me to get to that place, but I hope it is sooner than later. :penta: :ggpHead:

Well my congressman says he can't back my proposal for a remote veterinary drone that can euthanize livestock from the sky because it's "utter lunacy" and other PC bullshit.

I love going down the Reddit rabbit hole and finding comments like this.

Back in the day I worked for a Sprint Reseller and I was pretty much the WIndows Mobile Expert. So in our social media push I started doing un-boxing videos and tutorials.

Things seemed so much more simple back then.

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