I like the idea of private social networks for family and friends especially with the idea that you can still follow and communicate with those on other nodes. But how do you get your family and friends on board when so many people love the corporate networks?

@Ian Been thinking the same thing. I hate seeing family and friends cluelessly give up their privacy and data to these downright evil corporations.

Most people just "don't care" enough about the ethical reasons for switching, it's just a matter of convenience that they stick with corporate platforms.

Also they don't want to come into an empty platform. One idea is to set a switch date and get all your family/friends to commit to switching on that day, so they all will see content.

@WTFFlorida I have gotten my wife on here now, I think once I show them my social feed with all of the people that I follow elsewhere it helps them understand better how this can be a larger network and not just my isolated node.

For me the biggest selling point is finding a more active social user base and having more control over who interacts with me and how.

I want others to understand that benefit.

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