That score is not lying this was one of the most fun sessions of Conquest I have had in BFV so far. :weed: :ggpHead:

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My coworkers are seriously annoying. Have you ever trained a "know it all"? I have one I am training and it is quickly becoming apparent that he knows nothing (...John snow)

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I don't always message people on Facebook but when I do I sure to use the built in filters to throw some shade.

I was trying to just record nature while I smoked, made a short voice log instead...

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People constantly ask me what this tattoo means. I never have a good answer because to me its meaning is rather personal but in reality it is from a TV show. Usually when I tell people the latter they look at me like I am insane but they can never really understand the personal meaning it has so I am not sure I will ever be effective at explaining it.

I need like a made up story for it to give to strangers. Like this is the tattoo they gave me when I was training to be a space pirate...

Welcome to Geek Squad. Prepare to reset passwords...

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